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PBC’s competitive advantage is due to our direct relationships with hundreds of the industries leading manufactures in different vertical markets. PBC provides cutting edge technologies at a cost effective price. We would welcome the opportunity to connect with your decision makers. Have to your team reach out to us to simply ask “can PBC provide this solution and/or product?” All of our solutions are based on our past performance with the federal government.

There are several immediate ways we can help you. Digital Signage, Wifi and Physical Security. We are now living in a BYOD (Bring your our device) world. People are visual learners. We help technologies converge for your benefit. You can run your whole marketing campaign from you computer for all locations.


2015 Point Breeze Hospitality and Entertainment  Solutions  (click here)

Save Energy:
  • Upgrade existing TV’s, Monitors and IT Hardware.
  • System Virtualization- save space, energy and resources.
  • Professional IT & Cloud Services (Do more with less)
  •  EPEAT & Energy Star computers, IT products/services.
  • PBC is partnered with Eaton and APC, the leaders in power protection and management.
Improve communications
  • Digital Signage (inform, educate, notify, alert, increase efficiency, promote safety) Interior & ExteriorA/V Conferencing, Headset and VOIP solutions, Telepresence, Interactive whiteboards
  • PBC is partners with Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Plantronics, etc
  • secure high quality conference room design and install :
  • 2 way radios, ,RFID, barcode scanners/readers & accessories
  • Wired, wireless and satellite solutions. (secure WIFI networks)
  • stay connected thru mobility products ( customizable)
  •  New & Reused Telephone systems (Save 20%)
  • Create a Social Media Campaign , Learn how to stay connected with employees & customs
  • Executive VIP’s and Intelligence Community can stay connected thru the lone wolf product line.
  • LoneWolf product line offers a lightweight and highly versatile mobile baseband communication solution designed to support Executive Travel Teams and the Intelligence Community. Inconspicuous in appearance, LoneWolf products securely extend the exchange of unclassified and classified information of up to four networks simultaneously from remote locations to command headquarters. While using ay transport device, our LoneWolf products enable users to conduct secure and non-secure mission critical planning and execution
Disaster Recovery (View website for complete line card)
  • Instant Communications for disaster Management
  • Portable and permanent power generators
  • Ruggedized laptops. tablets, power supply, printers, scanners (mil spec rated)
  • Tools, equipment ,and safety supplies
  • Deployable rapid assembly shelters. Rapid deployable and versatile soft walled shelter built to with stand extreme conditions. It can be integrated to include lighting, power generation, IT command post, heating and A/C.
Industrial Supplies, Electrical Supplies, Safety equipment, Pro A/V, Back Office Supplies, Security, Fire Alarm
 View our website’s line cards to learn more about each area. You will receive mfg direct pricing. Some are viewable in our Online Store.
  • Video walls and digital signage are viewable under the technology section. Click here to learn more on the Digital Signage. We deal directly with all major manufactures. Pricing for all our Pro A/V products are listed on our online store front. We will design, install and maintain your dream signage project. Deal registration provides better pricing.
Save Time
  • Telepresence: stay connected/save travel time
  • 24/7 Tier I Support for all your IT Products (You work We solve problems)
  • Software licensing updates and renewals.
  • Latest software solutions to help manage your business systems (ex:printer management saves $100’s)
  • DocVerify (secure signatures with our e sign)
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Services (eliminate risk of downtime and/or lost data)
  • Data center Architecture, consolidation and management
  • Latest innovations in supply chain, inventory management, data capture, and POS
  • PBC’s data center specialists can review your current systems to find ways to save you $$$
Key Features of the lone wolf products line
  • Ability to support 2 to 16 users (depending on configuration) on 4 Network Enclaves simultaneously. Meets (IA) standards and guidelines. Scalable from 1 to 4 enclaves on the fly, providing mission flexibility. Engineered for easy operation; setup time is less than 5 minutes. VPN light indicator to display network connection status. Advanced Power Management, LCD display provides real-time power monitoring status, functions as a true UPS for power failover, with battery run-time for 2 to 6 hurs (depending on ancillary device loads)
  • Supports both SecNet-54 and KG-250X encryption devices.Lithium-ion batteries meet non-hazardous requirements for safe air travel
  • Similar Solutions are available for military and EMS personnel. All solutions are unique. Please contact Frank Butcofski at 570-814-0410 to find the correct solution for you.
HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST & Internet Compliance
  • Protect & Management IT networks, electronic files and email
  • Protect computers with remote monitoring and IP Security
  • Computer Room cable management- secure your cabling
  • Panasonic Healthcare Display Solutions (toughbooks, toughpad, monitors, TV’s )
  • MSC, Fastenal, Grainger approved vendor view their online catalog with thousands of commercial safety and industrial products
  • IT Asset Disposition: Secure removal of data from all types of IT storage devices, including hard disk drives, SD memory cards, printers, copiers, or any other electronic device that carries a digital history. The process includes three-pass DoD compliant hard drive swipe , system deinstall, refurbish, recycle, disposal
  • EPA compliant disposal of electronic waste.
Security Solutions Categories
  • Surveillance-Cameras and Enclosures-DVRs/NVRs-Monitors-Software-Power
  • Access Control-Smart Cards-Readers-Biometrics-Printers-Infrastructure-Software-Notification
  • Infrastructure- PA Broadcast- Intercom- Two-Way Audio -VoIP-Wireless Audio-Speakers, Amplifiers
  • Supporting Infrastructure-PA Broadcast-KVM/POE/High POE Switches-Industrial Hardware-Servers and Storage-   Network Cabling
  • Monitoring Services-Residential-Commercial-Video-PERS-Configuration